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Unless otherwise prescribed by Title 17, it is unlawful for a person to:

  • Violate any provision or rule in this title.
  • Take, possess, transport, buy, sell, offer, or expose for sale wildlife, except as permitted by this title.
  • Destroy, injure, or molest livestock, growing crops, personal property, notices or signboards, or other improvements while hunting, trapping, or fishing.
  • Discharge a firearm while taking wildlife within one-fourth mile of an occupied farmhouse or other residence, cabin, lodge, or building without the permission of the owner or resident.
  • Take a game bird, game mammal, or game fish and knowingly permit an edible portion of it to go to waste, except as provided in section 17-302.
  • Take big game, except bear or mountain lion, with the aid of dogs.
  • Make more than one use of a shipping permit or coupon issued by the commission.
  • Obtain a license or take wildlife during the period for which the person's license has been revoked or suspended or the person has been denied a license.
  • Litter in hunting and fishing areas while taking wildlife.
  • Take wildlife during the closed season.
  • Take wildlife in an area closed to the taking of that wildlife.
  • Take wildlife with an unlawful device.
  • Take wildlife by an unlawful method.
  • Take wildlife in excess of the bag limit.
  • Possess wildlife in excess of the possession limit.
  • Possess or transport any wildlife (or parts of the wildlife) that was unlawfully taken.
  • Possess or transport the carcass of big game without a valid tag attached.
  • Use the edible parts of any game mammal, or any part of any game bird or nongame bird, as bait.
  • Possess or transport the carcass or parts of a carcass of any wildlife that cannot be identified by species and legality.
  • Take game animals, game birds, and game fish with an explosive compound, poison, or any other harmful substances.
  • Import into this state or export from this state the carcass or parts of a carcass of any wildlife unlawfully taken or possessed.
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